Level 181


Level 181 is likely to be the toughest you have faced on Candy Crush Saga so far. The objective is to move four cherries to the bottom, but they are on either side of the grid separate from the candy. Blocking their path are three-hit and four-hit blockers. To get through them you need to create horizontal striped candies and get combos. But before you can do that you will need to clear some space in the centre of the grid, which is full of blockers. Once you have a bit of space, combos will become critical and creating them is really the only way through the level. The most important is the striped candy / wrapped candy mix. The video also makes good use of colour bomb / striped candy mixes. You have 50 moves to complete the level and you also have to score 20,000 points. Don’t worry about the points, though. Just concentrate on making the combos to break through the blockers in the side columns.

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