Level 273:

After two reasonably straightforward levels we are back to a difficult one with level 273. The objective is to clear all of the jelly in 50 moves and score 75,000 points. The jelly is located in the bottom half of the board. Some of it is open, but the second row is under two-hit blockers, the third row is under three-hit blockers, and the fourth row is under four-hit blockers. That is not what makes this level hard, however. It is hard because of the bombs which fall from a row of dispensers below the blockers. The bombs then come back into the top of the board through the teleports and worst of all; they are only seven-move bombs. That means they need dealt with quickly and while you are doing that you will probably not be concentrating on getting through the blockers to clear the jelly. Apart from removing the bombs as soon as possible you should create as many combos as you can, particularly striped candy / wrapped candy combos. That is really the only way to get through the level.

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